Saturday, November 17, 2012

Internet censored in the very Azerbaijani parliament, no kidding!

These two tasteless and ugly towers host Milli Majlis,
the Azerbaijani parliament (Photo: Panoramio)
Not a week passed since the Internet Governance Forum in Baku and occasional repeating of “the Internet is free in Azerbaijan” mantra that an Azerbaijani MP dropped a new bomb.

Etibar Huseynov, a pro-government MP and former journalist specializing in smear against opposition, told news agencies that “deputies can’t access social networks and YouTube in the Parliament offices” and “the Internet connection is very slow.”

According to Huseynov, websites of some newspapers were also inaccessible, though he didn’t elaborate what newspapers.

Vice-Speaker immediately refuted the claims and said he would investigate the matter.

This is not the only complaint from the deputies though.

Elmira Akhundova, an overweight pro-government MP, also a former journalist and intellectual, asked for free passes to fitness clubs and reimbursement for medical operations abroad. No kidding.

But Fazil Mustafa, another MP, supposedly pro-government opposition, was more modest – he asked for new computers for deputies.

“The computers have morally aged, they occasionally freeze and we have to restart them frequently,” he told the press.

So, is the Internet really free in the Azerbaijani parliament?

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