Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An experiment!

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There are 9 million people living in Sweden and 9 million – in Azerbaijan. And here I propose an experiment. 

Let’s take 4.5 million Swedes to Azerbaijan and 4.5 million Azerbaijanis to Sweden - a population exchange.

Each country will have an equal population of Azerbaijanis and Swedes.

And here comes the big question that we seek an answer to.

Can Swedes make Azerbaijan a better place to live and bring democracy to this South Caucasus country?

Or will Azerbaijanis convert Sweden into a Middle Eastern style sultanate in Scandinavia?


  1. Dear Ali,

    I think nothing would happen. The 4.5 million Swedes in Azerbaijan would spend all their time on the beach. The 4.5 million Azeris in Sweden would huddle up indoors all the time to save them from the cold weather. Result = status quo, except for an increase in the sale of Margheritas and heating fuel in the respective countries. #Montesquieu #climate #theory



  2. I don't know, but I know, that in Sweden there are thousands of Polish people and they didn't make republic with the mix of nonsenses :). Greetings from Poland - country in the Middle of Europe, also between West and East.

  3. So, judging from comments, skeptics prevail :)


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