Friday, November 05, 2010

Notes from Tbilisi, part two

Me at Vera bridge, Tbilisi
Lighting a candle in a Georgian Orthodox Church of Zion, then drinking Armenian cognac in a tavern just opposite Baku restaurant in Abkhazian street – this is what Tbilisi is about. Especially if you have a tourist map in Chinese.

But today, I want to make an appeal.

Dear Georgian police, please take away the Azerbaijani (?) gypsies from Rustaveli avenue, in front of the Parliament – not only they harass the passers-by, but one of them also bit my leg.

I asked one of my Georgian friends here why the police didn't take them away, and he replied – because they didn't have the right to do so. For us, the people from Baku, it sounds as a good joke. Courtesy of Azerbaijani police.

On a separate note, if you see a bookstore and if it is not Prospero's at Rustaveli, and if you don't speak Georgian -- don't waste your time entering it. They would have only two books in English - The Knight in the Panther's Skin and The History of Georgia.

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