Thursday, July 15, 2010

I write like Ali S. Novruzov

OK, blame Anatoly - he started it. He posted it in Facebook - a nice app which analyzes your text and says if you were a great writer, whom you would be. Or to be precise, “I write like...

The only thing you have to do is to paste a text of yours into the machine - well, tempting, isn't it?

And sometimes disappointing - like my first attempt.

I pasted my favorite ever blog post and got a result of ... Dan Brown. Oh, no!

And my second blog post, which I chose randomly from my favorite writings, said that I wrote like Chuck Palahniuk. Well, not comforting, but still better than the first one.

However, there is a good side of the story as well - I took two pieces of my private correspondence and got results of James Joyce and Kurt Vonnegut!

That is I am a great writer when I don't write for my blog!

And perhaps, sometimes in a distant future, if we are not forgotten altogether, someone would write a boring book about Azerbaijani social media pioneers and in a footnote about me, it would say that "...apart from his blog, Ali would have been a great writer if..."

OK, I mean, attending a meeting with Secretary Clinton and suspicious Internet apps sometimes make you arrogant, but I want to reassure you – I’ll drink now a decent Azerbaijani tea and descent to the Earth. No more apps for today, please!


  1. * Kurt Vonnegut
    * David Foster Wallace
    * Isaac Asimov
    * Vladimir Nabokov
    * Leo Tolstoy
    * H.P. Lovecraft

  2. "I write like Dan Brown." But I put there my blog post in Azeri :))


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