Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just a sad story to share: Stalin and birds

A Soviet poster saying "Beloved Stalin - the happiness of the people"

Maybe this is a myth or a true story. I took it from Radzinsky’s book about Stalin.

There was one huge statue of Stalin's at the Volga-Don Channel – somewhere on its banks and it was erected in honor of the author of this great project – Stalin himself.

One day a bureaucrat responsible for the statue noticed that large flocks of birds liked to sit on it. He got alarmed - birds would crap on the statue. Therefore, he decided to direct high voltage electricity through it.

And every morning, workers-prisoners would gather many corpses of dead birds around the clean statue of Stalin and bury them nearby.

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  1. Thanks for the sad story. I am reading Robert Conquest's "The Great Terror: A reassessment." Not an easy read - but excellent.


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